A couple of cards…..and a baby pic!


It’s been a not so busy week here since the weather in Boston is not cooperating. It’s been hot and humid all week long which makes me very cranky.  The most energy I have is to sit and watch little Demi sleep. LOL

2013-07-19 06.49.18


So far, she’s been such a good baby.  Five adults here and all we do is sit and wait for Demi to wake up so we can fight over who will hold her.

I did manage to squeeze out a couple of cards.

LAC for Carolyn 7-2013

This card went with the twin girl blankets.LAC Heart for Carolyn 7-13And this card I found on the internet and was inspired to create my version for a friend recovering from a heart procedure.

I’ve also been working on a project with this.  Can you guess what it will be???? Another internet inspiration.

Untitled 2

That’s about all that has been happening here. Hopefully the weather will break and I can become ‘human’ again!





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2 Responses to A couple of cards…..and a baby pic!

  1. Barbara says:

    Love love love the baby girl. How sweet!!! Worth fighting over. Love your cards as well.

  2. Steph Shock says:

    Oh Demi! You are precious!

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