Twin Girls Blankets

Hi All,

Even with all the terrible heat and humidity here in Boston, I did manage to finish up a set of flannel blankets for twin girls.  Actually, these blankets are quite easy and quick to make but I decided to individualize them a bit with the girl’s names, Remy and Reece.  So here’s a pic of the blankets along with 2 pink hats I made up as well.  The blankets are reversible with a “I Love Grandma” flannel on one side and pink and brown dots on the other side.  I hand embroidered their names on a piece of pale pink dotted fabric, stitched it to the center of the blanket before I put the 2 layers together, added the blanket stitch around and then closed up the blankets.

Twins Blankets & hats 7-2013

If anyone wants more information, please don’t hesitate to email me.  I’d be happy to help you out.

Regards to all,


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4 Responses to Twin Girls Blankets

  1. Debbie Smith says:

    Hi Linda, I love your baby blankets. How big are they I will be making a few for our new granddaughter arriving this fall. Thanks Debbie

    • linda42c says:

      Hi Debbie, Thanks for commenting on my blankets. For these blankets, I used the entire width of the flannel, less the salvage edges. These blankets measure about 43×104 but you can adjust the size. Just be sure to wash the flannel before cutting; it shrinks a bit and is quite fuzzy!

    • linda42c says:

      Hi Debbie,
      I made a mistake with my calculations. The blankets are about 56″ long….not 104. Not sure where my head was but it was 4:00am LOL. Sorry. 1 1/2 yards each back and front are more than enough.

      • Debbie S. says:

        Thank for sharing I am exspecting a little grandaughter in the fall and want to make her a few to keep warm.

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