Quilt in Progress

Back again with more goodies.  I have traditionally made a quilt for my granddaughters for when they get older.  I have been itching to quilt again so I found a pattern I liked and jumped right into it.  The original pattern was for a crib size quilt but I added a few more borders to make it into a twin size.  I’m liking the pastel theme from the shower (see last post) so I continued on with that concept.

This pic shows the top in progress, without the borders. Patchwork on point was a bit of a challenge but in the end, it all worked out beautifully.

babyshower008I added pastel borders and a solid yellow backing.  Sandwich, baste and away I go. I tied quilter’s knots in the center of the patchwork and am now hand quilting the borders. I was a bit nervous that my fingers and eyes wouldn’t cooperate but so far, so good.  Not sure how long all the handwork will take but I’m in no hurry.  I sew with my right hand so my left hand fingers are pricked and sore but should soon heal up soon.

I love my old friends, the hoop stand and my ditty bag.  They’ve seen their share of handmade quilts over the years and it’s great to reconnect with old friends. My stitches look pretty good (I think), not as tiny as they once were but still acceptable. I’m using a #9 quilter’s needles and achieving about 9 stitches per inch so that’s about average.

2013-07-01 05.17.53

2013-07-01 05.17.15So while this is going to take some time to complete, I’m off to the fabric store this morning.  Why you ask????  My friend of 31 years just became a grandmother of twin girls so need I say more!!!!!!  I’ll share my bounty with you soon.





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