Knitted Wash Cloth Project

Good morning all,

Today I share with you my finished wash cloth project.  Once I made one, I couldn’t stop and went on to make up 10 in total.  Not sure why or what I’ll do with all these wash cloths but they were so quick, I just kept going on and on and on.  I found you can get 2 per ball of Sugar n’ Cream cotton.  I think I’ve had my fill of these for now although I still have lots more cotton to make some more in the future.  I think a few of these would make a quick little gift.  I’ll save some for the new baby and keep the rest for gifts??? or maybe myself????

LAC wash cloths 5-2013

If you would like to whip up some of these wash cloths, the link to the pattern is on my previous post.

With the wash cloth project behind me, I started my next mystery project immediately.  By mystery I mean new and never before done by me so I’m not sure how this will all work up.  But, here’s a pic of part of the mystery supplies.  Can you guess what it is or what it will become?

LAC mystery project 5-2013You’ll have to stop back to see what I’m up to now!

Have a great week!


PS: For any of you trying to get into my Ecrater shop, my account seems to be suspended for some unknown reason.  I’m in the process of trying to get the glitch fixed so bear with me!


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