Baby Uggs……..too cute!

Hi everyone,

Despite my crazy, hectic schedule lately, I have managed to squeeze out another little project for the quickly approaching arrival of my baby granddaughter.  I happened to see these on the internet and thought that every little girl must have a pair of Uggs!  Since the real deals are too expensive, I decided to try and make up a pair and what a hoot!  One skein of yarn (only about 2.5 oz.) and a bit of patience was all it took.  With size 5 needles I thought this would take forever but they actually worked up quite quickly.  The good thing about knitting for babies is that everything is small so it doesn’t take forever to complete.  Now tell me, what do you think of these?

LAC Baby Uggs 2 4-2013 LAC Baby Uggs 4-2013Aren’t they the cutest ever!  Once I worked through the first one, the next came together much more quickly.  So I’m thinking, every baby girl should have a pair of Uggs in every color!!!

For the pattern to make these cute little Uggs, you can visit Abby’s blog at or just click on the pattern pic below of Abby’s Uggs.  Abby has lots of great patterns and ideas.

6183776510_e5ea4accb0_oGive these a try…I’m sure you’ll be pleased with your results.

Regards to all,



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