Watermelon Baby Sweater

Good morning,

Another little project to share with you today.  I made up this quick baby sweater to go along with a previous project posted.  I finished up a adorable baby blanket set which turned into a ‘Watermelon’ motif.  I hadn’t planned it that way but when the blanket was finished, it said ‘watermelon’ to me so I went with that theme.  Now I’ve made up a little sweater to finish off the set.

LAC Watermelon Sweate 4-13


And here’s a pic of the blanket set.

0016 Watermelon Hat and Sandals


At the moment, my hands but next up are idle but I have a pattern for a pair of baby Uggs  so come back soon to see who I did with the booties!


PS:  Thanks for all your kind comments!

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3 Responses to Watermelon Baby Sweater

  1. Barbara says:

    I love this pink and green..it is so yummy looking…Know you are excited too!!! Keep us informed on the little one’s appearance!!

  2. stephshock says:

    That sweater is too cute Linda! you are so talented!!!

  3. LouAnne Sassone says:

    Did you make up the pattern for the watermelon hat yourself. It is just too cute. I make hats for the babys born at our county hospital and would like to make some of these for this summer! Thanks,
    LouAnne in No.CA (email=lasassone(at)aol(dot)com

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