Works in progress

Good Morning,

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted.  One may tend to think I’ve been lounging about but, in fact, I’ve been busy doing stuff!!

We’re in the midsts of planning my daughter’s baby shower so you know what that means….invitations, goodies, favors, etc.  I have finished up 30 die cut invitations, name tags, favor tags, water bottle labels and decorations.  Still have a way to go so I won’t post any pics yet.  I’m waiting on ordering an envelope maker. Hopefully, it will be back in stock soon and I can get my order placed.  Here’s a hint:  little girl dresses.

In the meantime, I have made up 6 sets of note cards,  5 cards each with holder.  All are the same and all are die cut and punched floral designs.  Not sure if I will offer them at my new Ecrater shop or keep them for gifts.

LC Note Card Set 3-2013Oh, did I forget to tell you I now have an Ecrater shop.  There’s a link at the top “A Bit of Me Store”  that will take you to my shop.  Easy checkout with PayPal.  Thanks to my daughter, Carly, for setting this all up for me.  You know I’d still be going around in circles if left up to me LOL.    Shop is closed for now.

I also completed a cross stitch piece but waiting to be framed before I post a pic.  And now I’ve started a little baby sweater to match my watermelon baby blanket set.

So lots of WIP.  Just trying to find the time to get things completed is a chore in itself!  With the weather finally coming into spring, my thoughts are outside in my garden hoping to get some early spring cleaning done this week end.  I’m determined to get my garden back in shop in 2013!  It’s long overdue.

Back to work….


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