This Week’s Bounty

Good Morning,

Well, this week has been very productive for me.  I’ve managed to complete several ‘baby’ projects from all the fabric I purchased the last week.

First, I made 2 reversible flannel blankets.  I sandwiched a layer of muslin to give the blankets a bit more warmth and stability.  Can you tell which one is my favorite?

I Love Grandma Flannel Blanket 3-2013 LAC Alphabet Flannel Blanket 3-2013Next a quick fleece blanket of Lady and the Tramp.  How could I not do this….so cute and one of my all time favorite Disney movies. I chose not to cut and tie but rather sew and flip. The ties always seem to be a nuisance.

LAC Lady & Tramp Fleece 3-2013This next pic is of a reversible Snoopy/Hello Kitty quick quilt.  My daughter loves Snoopy and I like Hello Kitty so I combined the two since the color themes were similar.  Which side will be exposed depends on who will be on baby patrol.  I also made a matching reversible bib.LAC Snoopy:Kitty Quilt & Bib 3-2013

Finally, I ended this week’s sewing with an assortment of reversible bibs.  I got a pattern on-line for a smaller rounded bib calling for terry on one side. I made up one which maybe would have fit a Barbie doll.  I did enlarge the pattern to the specified size but it was way too small.  What went wrong????? And I didn’t like the terry on the reverse side. I will have to re-visit this project with a better pattern. In the meantime, I purchased a ready-made bib and used it as my pattern.  Perfect!!

LAC Bibs 3-2013


Lastly, I made a pit stop at the fabric store because I just love the brown hedgehog fabric (from one of the bibs above) and wanted more.  After scouring the store for an hour and not finding it, I was about to give up and leave when my eye caught sight of a bolt of fabric, lurking on a bottom shelf and begging me closer.  There it was, hiding in an obscure spot on a shelf. So I grabbed it up, held on to it for fear someone else may snatch it up from me, found a complimentary secondary fabric, checked out the patterns and made my purchase.  Here’s a pic of what I got.  What's in the Bag 3-2013What will this bag of mystery fabric become?  See the pattern and buttons peeking out? You’ll have to come back again to see what I’ve made.

So with all this, I’ve banished myself from the fabric store.  I’m one crazy Nana out of control.  It’s just that everything is just so darn cute and it’s been a while since I’ve sewed for a baby so I’m just having fun playing in the sandbox!

Later friends,





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One Response to This Week’s Bounty

  1. Debbie Smith says:

    I love your hedge hog dress, hat and blanket they are all so cute.

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