So I never took algebra, geometry, physics or calculas in school but I’m thinking it may take an Einstein to figure this one out.  How many times does one have to ask to get something done around the house?  I ask over and over again, expecting a different response, but it’s always the same……oops, I forgot!

How to remedy this situation?  A “CHORE CHART”!  Here I printed a cartoon pic of each member of my family including their name stamped on their forehead, adhered them to a piece of bristol board, added hangers and placed it on the side of the fridge.  I also attached a small pad of sticky notes so I can write down what needs to be done and stick it onto the forehead of the person assigned the task.  I even included our own Mr. Macaroni Cat and left a space for the new baby.  Here, everyone will now have chores and no excuse that they forgot!!!!

Tell me if you think my plan will work.  I am now thinking of sanctions that I could impose on non-conforming family members for incomplete tasks.

Move over Einstein…….here comes the new math!



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2 Responses to DOES IT TAKE AN EINSTEIN????

  1. TA Carbone says:

    Oh this is so funny. Leave it to you to come up with a wonderful idea

  2. Barbara says:

    Good idea and so funny and I hope it works..

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