Twin Baby Sweater Set

Hi friends,

How is everyone doing during this cold and wintery month of January?  For me, January is a month of cleaning and purging, showing no mercy!  No matter how often I go through things, I always seem to amass a bunch of ‘stuff’, thinking that I may need it someday.  Well it seems that January is my month to clean house and finally make a decision…keep or toss.  Toss usually wins!  How much can one person keep.  So I managed to get 7 bags of clothing and 2 boxes of household items for donation, plus 3 bags of trash.  Where does it all come from.  Good thought:  Now I have lots of room to save more things during 2013!

I have a couple of pictures to share with you today.  The first is of Mr. Macaroni, my house guest.  He’s a good cat but mischievous   This is what I found when I went to investigate strange noises in my kitchen.  Typical cat and yarn ball!  And him all sitting there like “Who me?”


I finished up two baby sweater sets for twins, boy and girl.  This is the easiest pattern, works up fast and each set takes less than one skein.  I used Caron Simply Soft white yarn and finished off with pink and blue ribbons.  If anyone wants the pattern, it’s free here:  I have made this sweater set many times over the years.  The first time I made this up was for my daughter who is now 40 years old so this is an old tried and true pattern.

LAC Twin Sweater Set 1-2013Aren’t they cute.  And it really only took me about 5 hours to complete each sweater.  The hats and booties, sewing, blocking and finishing took additional time.  These are for an order from a co-worker.  I hope she likes them.  Let me know what you think.

Keep warm and keep crafting,



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One Response to Twin Baby Sweater Set

  1. Barbara says:

    O they are so adorable..makes me wish there were a baby in the family. Thanks for sharing them.

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