Birdie Cards

Hi friends,

Why is it when I have a day off from work, I work much harder being at home!!!  (If my boss is reading this, I’m lying LOL)

Along with continuing on my 2 baby sweater sets for an order, I’ve also done up a few cards for a monthly challenge on one of my card making groups.  I’m a bit stuck on birdies right now.  I feed my little birdies in my yard every morning and they’re so cute to watch. It’s so funny to see them fighting over one little piece of bread when I put out plenty so they all get some.

This first card is for a pink and brown color challenge.  A little birdie by his birdhouse.LAC Pink:Brown Challenge 1-2013 PCD

This second card is for a 3D challenge on the same group.  I went with a Valentine theme.  The pic looks a bit purple but it’s really pink.  I don’t have a sweetheart but who knows, things could change between now and Feb. 14.

LAC 3D Challenge PCD 1-2013That’s it for today.  Back to my knitting.

See you all soon with some exciting news!!!



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One Response to Birdie Cards

  1. Barbara says:

    Love these cards but then you know I LOVE birds!!

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