Hello friends,

As I mentioned last time, I have some food to share with you.  We finally have an real Italian grocery store in my area after being without one for many years.  I came across this store just before the holidays and have made it my #1 store to shop.  On my very first visit, I spied a bag of pasta and was intrigued.  After several visits and continually being drawn to this product, I just had to buy it.  Take a look at this!  Isn’t it a hoot?  I did try to search this on the internet, but of course, it was down so I just went with it.

Pasta 1

The pasta, uncooked, is 21″ long so imagine how much it would grow.  I probably should have dug out my lobster pot.  As you can see, it doesn’t fit in my regular pasta pot!!!

Pasta 2



After it finally softened up to all fit into the pan, it began to break in pieces.  How disappointing.  I had visioned of one large coil of pasta on each dish but that didn’t happen.  Guess the larger pot would have helped here.

Anyway, pieces and all, it was delicious.  There’s something about fresh pasta from Italy that can’t compare with what we get in the grocery stores.

Pasta 4


I finally did find info online about this pasta and you can either stuff it or have it plain but cut into pieces before cooking.  OOPS……guess I made a slight miscalculation.  Anyway, we all had fun cooking and eating this wild and crazy pasta.

FYI:  There are several more unusual pasta I must try.  Here’s the link if anyone is interested in checking out this shop.

Happy dining,


PS:  Of course the meal was accompanied by something from my 11 bottles of wine in my stash!


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2 Responses to CRAZY PASTA

  1. Barbara says:

    wow you are so lucky to have a store like this near..only thing we have ethnic is Mexican food stores but you can find such good things there and their veggies they bring up from Mexico are fresher than you find in the local grocers. Love the look of this pasta. so yummy looking..Tomorrow may be spaghetti day here.

  2. marian g says:

    cool looking pasta! 😀

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