Good Morning to my creative friends,

Just wanted to make sure to wish everyone a most wonderful holiday season.  And may your new year be filled with happiness, good health and lots of creativity.

I always celebrate Yule but also include Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, etc.  Why not!  Any reason for a celebration is good enough for me…after all, we’re all in together and what better way then to share all spiritual paths.  Lots of fun, informative and I’ve learned lots in my research.  So HAPPY EVERYTHING to EVERYONE!

I’ll leave you with one more thought.  I just finished up some new cards.  Now don’t laugh at me but since I was on a roll with all my new Spellbinder dies, I went ahead and made up 22 cards for….yes…for 2013.  Since everything was out and I am in holiday mode, why not!  So with the close of 2012, I’m already 1/2 way through 2013.  I should have my tree down and back up by June 2013 LOL

2013 Holiday Card

2013 Holiday Card

Take care, thanks for all your support, comments and ideas.  I’m loving this!!!

Regards to all,


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