So I Have Nosey Daughter

Hi All,

First, let me wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.  The weather will be fine, at least here in New England so that’s a plus.  Are you cooking?  Are you going out?  Are you visiting?  Whatever your plans, have a good day.  And for those of you who procrastinate (like me), let me tell you…most restaurants are closed and those that are open are NOT taking reservations so I’m out of luck.  I’m not a big turkey fan so I’ll be fine.  Only one daughter will be home with me this year so I’m sure we’ll come up with something fun.

So, for my nosey eldest daughter….don’t look any further.  I’ve been debating whether to post my latest project fearing she will peek.  So go bake some cupcakes or do  laundry but don’t read further.

This is a cute hat and scarf set I recently finished up.  I saw a pic and sort of copied what I saw.  I added the wristlets to complete the set.  I decided to make a keyhole scarf so the icing strips would fall together.  Wasn’t hard at all.  In fact, the trim and embellishments took longer to add than then main pieces.  Basic beanie hat was simple and scarves work up in no time.  I have never made wristlets so that was new for me but easy.

I don’t have anything new going on at present.  Very busy at work so not much time to get involved in another project for now.  But, I’m thinking…..

Bye for now,



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One Response to So I Have Nosey Daughter

  1. TA Carbone says:

    this is so cute. I hope she likes it

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