Finally a finished project!

Hi Gals,

First I just wanted to say Welcome to my new followers.  I’m so happy when people join up with me and my adventures.  You just never know where I’ll be going to or where I’ll end up!

Ever work on a project and it seems like it takes forever to complete?  Well, that’s just what happened with my latest yarn project.  I thought a cute, little baby blanket would be nice, just to use up some yarn I had purchased for whatever.  I decided to do the Ripple Stitch not thinking that its single crochet and takes forever to make progress.  As I crocheted the time away the afghan took on a look I hadn’t expected.  I thought, “Watermelon”.  The bright pink, white and green just kept saying Watermelon.  What a pleasant surprise!!  So I went with that theme and this ended up being just too darn cute. I made a matching hat and little sandals complete with seeds.  Now if I only had a little baby girl to present it to.

Here’s a pic of the afghan, hat and sandals.

Here’s a pic of the hat and sandals.  Too Cute!

Now I’m bored with nothing in the works….I’m thinking a quilt or some embroidery.  I have several projects just begging to come to life.  So come back to see what kind of trouble I can get myself into this time.


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6 Responses to Finally a finished project!

  1. Lois says:

    I am pleased you finished it with the matching hat and shoes, it looks really nice.

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