Special Angel Card

Hi Friends,

Bet you think I’ve been doing nothing for a week.  Wrong!!!  I’ve been very busy with an assortment of projects.  First, I’ve completed 4 crochet outfits for holiday gifts to my granddaughter.  The outfits themselves are complete; I’m just gathering up the accessories before I post pictures.  I have made an ice skating outfit (which I’ll explain about when I post pics), a holiday jumper, a dress and a snuggie.  I’m patiently awaiting sewing patterns to go on sale as I would like to sew a few more outfits.

Next, I’ve completed 10 autumn cards from pictures I retrieved from Pinterest but don’t want to post until I get permission from the artist.

I also made up a special angel card for a friend in BC, Canada.  Seems her sister was struck with a mysterious illness some time ago and has been paralyzed since.  Recovery is slow for her sister and I’ve made up a special angel card to brighten her day and give encouragement.  My heart goes out to her and I do hope she makes good and steady progress.


This card is also in my card gallery.

What shall I do next?????

Take care,



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