Daughters, NO PEEKING – Everyone else can look!

Good Sunday Morning,

The rains finally came, late yesterday afternoon.  I needed to do laundry but since it was going to rain, I held off.  Wrong choice!  It was sunny all day long, contrary to the weather report that the rain would begin at 10am.  So now I’m behind on my laundry and its rainy and gloomy today so no chance of hanging things outside.  I’ll wait until better weather returns.

In the meantime, I’ve been busy getting ahead of my upcoming barrage of family birthdays, 2 in August (6 days apart) and 2 in September (2 days apart).  So a note to my girls, DON’T BE SO NOSEY….NO PEEKING!!!  I’ve added these cards to my CARD GALLERY.

I’ve also done up a card for a co-worker who will be retiring the end of August.  This person has been a Wilton Cake Decorating instructor for about 50 years, imagine that!  When I was searching my files for an appropriate theme, I came across an Iris Folding pattern with an icing bag decorating a cake.  How perfect was that!  So this is the card I did up for her.  She’s such a talented person and I will miss her but she deserves a rest after 50 years of service.


I think I’m up to date on my cards and am now seeking patterns for doll cloths, both knitting and sewing.  Maybe with some luck, I’ll have some new and interesting projects to post soon.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been viewing my blog and galleries.  Yesterday was my busiest day, 206 hits!!  I’m amazed that so many people take the time to view my work.  Thank you for encouraging me to continue.

Regards to all,


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