New Cards in Gallery

Hi All,

Been busy making up some baby cards just to have on hand.  Seems my girls have lots of friends having babies and, of course, they come to me for a card.  I was searching my books for a cute card I made several years ago (which I haven’t found yet) but did come across these in an old magazine.  These were all made the good old fashion way, hand cut, no electronics.  I copied the pattern onto card stock and cut to get my template.  Then I traced onto patterned stock and hand cut.  I finished them off with little buttons on the straps.  Something that should have taken an hour at most…….it took me 4 hours.  

It’s this darn Mac I’m in the process of learning.  Still stumbling my way through the system and the various editing programs.  Yikes!!!  It took forever to figure it out with some much appreciated help from my daughter.  Did I mention, I hate change in any way, shape or form.  I’m a creature of habit and like things to remain the same day in and day out.    I realize that change is good for the soul but between the iPhone and the new Mac, I’m geeked out!!!  And I won’t even get into spending over a hour on the phone changing my PCP.  Now I also have to deal with a new doctor in a new facility.  Ugh……

Hope you all have a great day.  Going to check out this solar flare everyone is talking about.  Just what I need, more computer problems. LOL



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