Vintage Post April 6, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Finished Crocheted Dress

Here’s a pic of my lovely granddaughter, Annabelle, wearing the crocheted dress I made up for her.  At first she said she didn’t like it nor would she wear it but it seems she’s had a change of heart.  I’m thrilled that she decided she liked it.  In fact, she now says she LOVES IT!!  She wore it to school and was sure to tell everyone that her “Nana” made it for her.  She was proud as a peacock.  Had intended for her to wear it on Easter but since it was close to 80 here in the Boston area, it would have been too warm.  

Oh, and I made a matching headband.  Seems hair adornments are making a comeback.  Headbands, bows and ribbons are the hottest thing.  A blast back from the 1960’s.  I remember, do you????  So that prompted me to dig out all my hair ribbons…..stay tuned for a new project using my ribbons!!

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