Good Morning friends,

Today finds me in much better condition.  The sciatica seems to be subsiding and I can function in a semi-upright position.  Finally as it has only 2 1/2 weeks.  Now its playing catch up with everything.  I plan not to overdo it, allowing myself 15 minutes for chores and 1/2 hour of rest.  Seems fair to me!!!

So yesterday while trying to relieve my boredom, I was poking around here at my blog.  I’m not very computer savvy so everything is trial and error.  Well, I did manage to delete my  new ‘CARD GALLERY’ not once but twice.  I was in a panic since it took me hours to get it set up.  Thank goodness for the ‘restore’ button!  Still trying to figure out how to get my newest additions to the top of the ‘CARD GALLERY’…I’m sure I’ll stumble upon it when least expected.  I still have tons more to add but will take a few at a time.

While checking things out here I found a world map that shows all the countries where someone has visited me.  I’m blown away to see that so many people from ‘far away’ places have found little old me!  I’ve have visits from:  The US (of course) including Alaska, The United Kingdom, Australia and The Republic of Korea.    So I wanted to take just a moment to thank everyone who has visited me.  I really appreciate you all taking time from your busy day to see what I’m doing.  And don’t be shy, leave a comment. 

The map high lights the countries in RED.  I would love to have the entire world map in RED.  That would mean I’ve been visited by the entire world!!!

Thanks again to everyone for your great support and interest from my little piece of the world.

Regards to all,


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