Hi blog friends,

Up until about an hour ago I didn’t have much to post about.  While at the BBQ, my daughter noticed a nest in my Wisteria tree.  I hadn’t noticed it and I’m always out in my yarn weeding and pruning, especially the tree because it grows a mile a day. 

Being so high up in the tree, all I could see was the bottom of the nest but it sure was a nest!  I managed to pull down the branch a bit while standing on a lawn chair, reached up and randomly took a photo.  Lo and behold, I have 2 blue eggs!!!!!  I’m so excited.  In all my years, I’ve never had a nest or anything exciting happen in my garden.

I went on-line to get some info and the eggs incubate for about 12-14 days.  Also, Starlings lay blue eggs so I’m not sure who these eggs belong to but honestly, I’ve been seeing a male and female robins in my yard for several weeks so I’m thinking they’re robin eggs.

So this is my tree in full bloom several weeks ago.

Wisteria Tree in full bloom

Here’s a pic of the underside of the nest.

Underside of nest

And here’s a pic of my little darlings.  Isn’t this just too cute!

Robin Eggs

I hope I get to see them hatch and finally fledge.  This is by far the most exciting thing that has happened to me in ages.

Proud Nanny to be,


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