A NEW way to carry a NEW cell phone in a NEW holder!

Hey bloggers,

Shaking things up today with a second post.  I just whipped up this iPhone holder.  I got a NEW iPhone for my birthday 2 weeks ago and was at a loss as how to safely tote it around with me.  Since I always have my keys with me hanging on my Vera Bradley lanyard, I thought it would also make a perfect place to carry my NEW cell phone.  This is what I designed; a cell phone holder with 2 pockets for my license, debit card and a few dollars.  I put a tab with a ring on the top so it’s easy to clip to the clasp that is attached to the lanyard.  I don’t usually carry a purse so for me, this is perfect.  I get to the supermarket, put my lanyard around my neck so I know where my keys are and now I also hook my NEW iPhone onto the lanyard.  It’s not as heavy nor cumbersome as you may think.  In fact, I think it’s minimal weight around my neck is a gentle reminder where everything is during my busy errand runs.  I didn’t make a pattern or measure anything.  I did make another one last week but it was a bit smaller.  Since then I’ve acquired a back case which increased the thickness of the phone slightly so I made a new one just a bit larger.  If anyone is interested in making one, let me know and I’ll try to assemble a step-by-step instruction post, but for those with a little sewing experience, this should be an easy one.

I’m going to make a new lanyard but need to get a swivel clasp….another trip to the fabric store….YEAH!


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