Good Morning friends,

I had all good intentions of posting yesterday.  I rushed to finish this project, take a pic and post.  However, when I started looking for add ons to pose with my project I found I had nothing to act as props.  As you can see, I wanted to go with a ‘beach’ theme but since I haven’t visited the beach in over 20 years, I didn’t have one single thing beach related…not even a pair of sunglasses.  (I use those clip on things for my regular glasses! Nerdy or what!) No sun tan lotion, no beach ball, no beach bag and by no means a BIKINI.  So I had to wait for my daughter to get home from work to raid her room for appropriate items.  She’s planning a trip to Mexico so she’s been buying up a storm:  Bikini, bag, hat, etc.  Boy am I out of touch LOL.  So I made up this cute flip-flop pillow from a pic/instructions I found on Pintrest.  Too darn cute, isn’t it?  I want to add some trim but found everything in my stash was a few inches too short so I’ll be off to the fabric store for some funky pom poms or bangles to add some bling.  Anyway, it wasn’t too difficult, a bit fidgety setting in the side band but I got through it without any problems.  Here’s the original pin with instructions if you would like to make one or two. 

Flip Flop Pillows for Summer

I may make another but need some more funky fabrics….another trip to the fabric store.

This is my version.  Oh, just to confirm, the BIKINI IS NOT MINE!!

Happy Sewing,


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  1. Lois says:

    Hi Linda, I can see you’ve been busy again, there’s no stopping you or your imagination. You are busy enough for both of us.

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