Some More “Stuff”

Hello friends,

I’m continuing on today with revealing my ‘stuff’ to the world.  The more I seek to take photos of, the more I realize how much ‘stuff’ I really have.  I’ve always suspected I was a bit compulsive but now I’m convinced.  No one person should have this much ‘stuff’.  I know I’m not alone….you’re out there, hiding, denying, keeping silent.  There will come a day, however, when you will be ‘found out’.  I say it’s better to let your own cat-out-of-the-bag then rely on others do it without you being able to defend actions.  I heard it all and seen it all.  “Hey, Linda, come over and pick up this box of ‘junk’ I found in so-in-so’s closet”.  JUNK, you say!!!  Hardly.  I’ve amassed a ton of ‘junk’ that other’s were just going to throw out and it’s all good ‘stuff’.  A lot is old, much is still in the wrappers and many out-of-print books.  What a gold mine of a find, at least for me and for many of you as well.  So I say, expose yourself now while you can so when the time comes, you won’t be labeled a ‘junk collector’.  You may even go so far as to name certain like minds to receive your stuff when you no longer are able or around to use it.  It may sound a bit depressing but I’d rather see my ‘stuff’ go to someone who will be thrilled to receive a piece of my life than have my life end up in a dumpster.

So, here’s a pic of some more ‘stuff’ I have in my studio.  The top wood box came from an art kit no longer used.  The bottom black and green unit came from my work, destined for the dumpster.  All broken and looking like trash, I was allowed to take it home and give it new life.  It now houses lots of ‘stuff’:  All my embroidery floss (well not all), my scrapbook pens and markers and all my quilling strips and supplies.  I do have some empty drawers, not that I don’t have ‘stuff’ to put in them, just haven’t had the time.  The top chest holds all my embroidery thread, silk ribbons and hand embroidery supplies.

Can you tell I like my ‘stuff’ neat and easily accessible.  I hate knowing I have ‘stuff’ but can’t remember where I put it.  I’m always on the lookout for a discarded piece that would be perfect for storing more ‘stuff’

So what’s your gig?  Are you a hoarder, stasher, secret collector or just plain junk collector?????

Happy ‘stuff-ing’,


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One Response to Some More “Stuff”

  1. julia christine stephen says:

    Godd organization 🙂

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