Revealing More “Stuff”

Good Friday Morning,

I decided to continue on with revealing my ‘stuff’.  In doing so, I’m exposing a possible secret affliction:  Hoarding!  I guess, yes, I’m admitting I’m a hoarder, a collector, an out-of-control paper-holic, call it what you want.  Basically, a hoarder no matter how you sugar-coat it.  There, now I feel better.  I’m sure I’m not alone.  In fact, I know I’m in good company.  Paper-holics sort of congregate together, justifying and encouraging each other as they navigate through the paper aisles.  Seems we can always find a reason why we ‘must’ have a new piece, slab or ream of paper.  Yes, I buy in ream quantity on occasion.  The pic below is of my 34 drawer system devoted to paper storage, color coded, of course.  This is not all of my paper, just the 12×12’s.  I have separate storage for 8.5 x 11’s, scraps, envies, etc.  I also stock several weights of printer paper and cardstock not to mention handmade papers, photo papers, transparencies, labels, etc.  Just never know when you need a specific paper at 2 am.

Now, there’s one more aspect of all of this.  I must admit that I have lots of papers that I just can’t cut up; they’re just too beautiful.  I keep saving these papers for a ‘special project’ but nothing ever seems to justify using them.  Sometimes I open a draw and thumb through the papers, feeling the textures, enjoying the colors and even sometimes just inhaling the sweet aromas.  Don’t you laugh at me….I like to stay connected to my papers.  When I’ve had my ‘fix’, I close the draw, sit back and I laugh at myself. 

So with all this said, do you think I have a problem????  I say “No”.  I prefer to call it a ‘love’ of paper.  The industry today forces us to fall in love with so many beautiful papers.  They continuously introduce new graphics, designs, colors weekly so what is a paper-holic to do? 

I’m trying very hard not to purchase any more paper.  Frankly, I just don’t have any more room.  Most of the drawers are filled to capacity.  It’s hard, especially when there’s a great sale on paper.  Sad part, there are times when I need a specific paper and can’t find it.  I know it’s somewhere, hiding in one of the drawers begging not to be ‘cut up’. 

Do you have some pics of your ‘stuff’ you’d like to share?  I’d be happy to help you justify your ‘stuff’ stash.

Happy Day playing with your paper ‘stuff’.



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