Yes, I know it is now Saturday but yesterday just seem to get away from me. I was busy all day doing ‘stuff’.  It all started with a trip to the warehouse club store to pick up some ‘stuff’ and the day went downhill from there.  $1200 later, here I am surrounded by new ‘stuff’!!!  Let’s just say I way over-purchased, realized I had no place for all the ‘stuff’ I got so was forced to make another trip to Lowes to purchase more ‘stuff’, an upright freezer!!!  A freezer was on my wish list (actually a disguised stuff’ list), just not at this time but I had to knew there was no other way to store all the ‘stuff’ I purchased.  I won’t tell you that after this stuff’ spree, I did make a trip to Joann’s for some ‘stuff’ that was on sale….and I had an extra 10% off coupon. 

Speaking of ‘stuff’, are you a “STUFF-A-HOLIC“?  Admittedly, I am.  Some days it’s worse than others and yesterday was a bad ‘stuff’ day.  Got me to thinking how much ‘stuff’ do I really have and more importantly, why????  I will say that I’ve gotten better over recent years but once a ‘stuff-a-holic, always a stuff-a-holic‘.  Old habits die hard.  Maybe it’s because my Mom was a ‘stuff-a-holic‘ so I learned from the best.  Need a blender, what color?; need a toaster, what color?; how about a hand mixer, what brand?… name it, Mom had several of each, still in the actual boxes.  When you went to my Mom’s house, it was like going to the mall.  She had it all!  So my addiction isn’t entirely all my fault.  BUT, until there’s a 24/7 craft/fabric store, I need to be prepared for anything at any time.  When I’m in my studio at 2:00am working on a project, I don’t want to be lacking anything I could possibly need, thus my ‘stuff’.  Here’s a pic of just one section of my studio.  A 5 shelf system stuffed with ‘stuff’.  This particular unit houses my yarn ‘stuff’, painting ‘stuff’, and a variety of boxes stuffed with ‘stuff’.  I found it easier to have one box per stuff’ so each box is labeled with what is inside.  I have everything from zippers to styrofoam balls to glitter to pompoms.  Some ‘stuff’ has been with me for a very long time but you never know when you may need some ‘stuff’, a purple pompom or green clay.  My motto:  Always be prepared – Have a lot of ‘stuff’!

This is only the section of my ‘stuff’.  Next week I’ll show you another.  So what is your addiction?  What kind of ‘stuff’ do you absolutely need, can’t live without?  Do you use your ‘stuff’ or just stash your ‘stuff’?  Do you purchase ‘stuff’ with a specific project in mind, buy  ‘stuff’ because it’s on sale, or better yet because you have coupons for ‘stuff’, or just pick up ‘stuff’ just because you like it?  I’m guilty of all excuses!

I also have a ‘I can’t make up my mind which one so I’ll get them all’ syndrome!!!

Happy crafting,


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