DON’T BE BLUE Wednesday

Today is Wednesday, but by no means sad.  Today is DON’T BE BLUE WEDNESDAY and I’m sending you 2 new creations.  Another bag and card combo but this time in beautiful BLUESBLUE has always been one of my favorite colors.  At one time or another, every room in my home was BLUE and although I’ve up-dated my style to more contemporary colors, I still love the homeiness of BLUE.  I’m sure we all had our BLUE phases so bring back some comforting memories.  Add some  BLUE to your life!!

How many phrases can you think of with the word ‘BLUE‘ in it????

BLUE Moon, BLUE Suede Shoes, true BLUE, once in a BLUE moon, BLUE plate special…….

First up is a beautiful BLUE card.  Its dimensional, heavily embellished and suitable for framing.  This particular BLUE card measures 5×7 and is adorned with a  beautiful BLUE satin bow, a few pearls and a 2 tone BLUE medallion where a sentiment can be applied. The cost is $9.00 plus $3.00 s/h.  The inside is left blank so you can write your personal message.  I can also personalize the front with a sentiment of your choice:  Happy Birthday, Best Wishes, With Sympathy, Congratulations, Get Well Soon, Thinking of You, Just For You, or Thank You.

Next up is a sassy BLUE wristlet with a zippered top, 2 ruffles and side handle make this so versatile.  Purse measures 5 1/2 x 8 and is constructed of poly cotton fabric and is completely lined.  Cost is $10.00 plus $3.00 s/h.

One stop shopping for that perfect gift!

Thanks for visiting me today.

Be sure to come back on Friday.


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