New Kids on the Block

Good Morning Friends,

Today, I am excited to share with you 2 different card styles, both new to me but both styles have been around for some time.  I’m just a bit late to the party!

This first card style is not new but is enjoying a rebirth of sorts.  I remember, as a child, seeing this size card especially for holiday cards.  And, like all things, this older style is new again.  It’s what is now being called a LONG & SKINNY card measuring in at 9″ x 3.5″.  As a card maker, it’s an entirely new game now.  Since all my supplies are geared to the normal A2 size, it’s been a challenge to reinvent the wheel.  I am even seeing manufacturers of card making supplies introducing products fitting this longer, narrower size but I managed to reinvent my stash supplies to work perfectly.

Here is the first of my cards featuring the LONG & SKINNY style.

And let’s flip it to be a TALL & SKINNY card.


So what do you think?  I think that this style card is becoming very popular with card makers and will be well-received by everyone.  The challenge is on!!!

This next card was an entirely new experience for me.  I don’t usually make such involved cards but needed a very special card for a friend and this fit the bill.  I watched the video numerous times and following along, was able to create this card without too much difficulty, just time consuming.  But the result is spectacular in real life.  I used a holographic mirror card which makes taking a decent picture almost impossible but you can surely see the beauty of this card.  A very shinny showstopper, for sure!  This style card is called a CONCERTINA GATEFOLD.  Here is the link to Sam’s video if you want to check out her YouTube channel.  She does amazing things.

And, finally, a card for my granddaughter, Annabelle, who turned a young 17 yesterday.  She’s a ballerina so how perfect is this card.

So there you have it, another very busy week for me but oh so rewarding.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram and by subscribing to my blog over here:  → → → → → → → → → → →

See you soon.


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Back to Normal (Finally)

Happy Afternoon,

I hope everyone is well-established in this new year.  I spent a good part of January cleaning my craft area after the mad holiday frenzy.  I then took 1 week off and did household chores which leads us to February when I resumed making cards.

Valentine’s Day is next Friday (just a gentle reminder to you guys to get your favorite gal something expensive and shiny) so I’ll start by sharing some Valentine’s cards for this year. I do not usually send too many out myself but my clients were anxious to pick up cards for their sweethearts.




These are Valentine’s Day cards I made for my 3 youngest grandkids.  I used a $5 bills to make the origami hearts and tacked them on with a removable glue dot.  Easy!!

I had a special order for two 15-year-old birthday cards.  Here’s what I decided on.

Lastly, a birthday card for my ballerina granddaughter who will turn 17 this month.  YIKES!

So now it’s back to the drawing board.  Time to get using all the goodies I purchased on Black Friday weekend.

See you all soon,



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Reflecting Back on 2019

Happy New Year’s Eve from Boston, MA.   The Boston skyline will be aglow with fireworks and the sounds of the Boston Pop’s  First Night live performance.  There is so much to see and do in Boston on New Year’s Eve, so I hear.  I say that because I have never been to a New Year’s Eve celebration in Boston.  It is too cold ( it’s 36 degrees and damp), too crowded, too windy and would be way past my bedtime so I sit in the comfort of my home and watch it all on television.  I know, I’m a party pooper.

So with the close of 2019 and the beginning of a new year and decade, I thought I would share some highlights from this past year.  Much has happened, lots of ups and downs, some personal challenges, some family challenges, and lots of steps into the unknown but with great hope and faith that all will be good in the end.

Cardmaking – A record year for me in cardmaking.  I keep a running tally of all the cards that I make and when I finally totaled it up, I was dumbfounded!  During 2019 I made a total of 1086 cards.  I actually did the addition several times to make sure I didn’t make a mistake.  I am not sure if I can surpass this total in 2020, it’s kind of a huge challenge.

I’ve selected just a few of my favorite cards from 2019.  This was harder than I thought it would be because I love them all.

Wedding card.

Thank you card for the surgeon who put my daughter’s foot back together after a 10-month post-operative first surgery that went so wrong. 

Can’t forget that “Super Dad”.

All us witches need to fly together.

What could be more beautiful than pastel snowflakes? Watercolor holiday card.

On a personal note, some highlights for 2019

My granddaughter, Rhemi, graduating as a Medical Assistant.

Grandkids from Texas visit in June 2019.  Dommy (5) and Genevieve (16 months).

Granddaughters, Annabelle (16 & Demi 6) dancing divas.Annabelle’s professional photoshoot

Rhemi (22), Annabelle (16) Genevieve (16 months) Demi (6) and Dommy (5), June 2019, Salem Willows, Salem, MA.

I hope, too, that you all made some great memories during 2019.  Enjoy every moment, of every day and live like there is no tomorrow.  Take full advantage when opportunity knocks, take that step into the unknown and leave your footprint everywhere you step.

Thanks to all of you for a super year, and your love, understanding, and support.  I could not have done it without YOU!!

Until 2020,



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A Christmas Past

Good Afternoon Friends,

Today is Saturday, December 21, 2019.  School is out for  Christmas break, shopping is done, cards are mailed, gifts are wrapped, the menu is planned and decorations are out.  There’s not much left for me to do except cook which I will begin on Sunday with my meats and sauce for the lasagna.  Monday will be 4 Pastiera (spaghetti pie) and Tahini Dip.  Tuesday will be Lasagna,  crabmeat appetizers, fried dough, charcuterie board, and gingerbread.  Hopefully, I have remembered everything and will not need to make a mad dash to the supermarket.  I always exchange food samples with 2 of my neighbors.   It’s nice because I make Italian and they make Portuguese and Albanian so it’s great to try something different and delicious!

I thought I would share some pics of a few decorative items I have put out plus my holiday tree.

This my little white fiber optic tree, just 3 feet tall and perfect for my small space.  Just a few white baubles are all it needs.  I got this brand new,  unopened tree at a yard sale for FREE about 10 years ago!  Easy to put up and easier to take down.  Gotta love that!

This next little tree I made about 40 years ago.  I got an instructional booklet (which I still have) and made the tree using tiny seed beads that I strung on wire, shaped to form the branches and formed into a tree shape. It did have a glass dome on the wooden base but that broke years ago.  As for the decorations, everything is miniature and items I’ve collected over the years.  This year I needed to revamp the entire display since some of the glue had let go over the years.

I suppose an explanation is needed for the 3 pencil stubs.  The white 2-ended pencil was my mother’s that she used to jot down notes.  She was very frugal!  The 2 yellow pencils belonged to 2 of my kids and got them through high school!!  This year I added the little picture frame charms with pictures of my grandchildren.

The donkey and cart was a little trinket my grandmother brought from Italy.  The rest of the decorations I can’t really remember where I got them but they were small enough and fit in perfectly.

This last tree belonged to my dear friend Priscilla.  I always loved it and it was offered to me as a remembrance of her.  I suspect it may be quite old, maybe since the 1970s?    It’s entirely encased and lights up.  The back 3 panels are mirrors and the top and 3 front panels are glass with a lift-up glass top lid.  I love it!

The rest of my holiday decorations remain boxed and in storage.  There just isn’t enough room to put out everything.

Here’s a peek at my holiday china.  Dishes and silverware will be set out Monday. (Of course, all the craft clutter will be cleared out to make way for the food!)  The china is by  Pfaltzgraff and is the Winter Frost collection, which has been discontinued. 

And finally, my dining room table is covered with goodies!  My daughter is a baker and has prepared all sorts of goodies for a holiday dance recital bake sale today.  Aren’t these cupcakes too cute?

So there you have it, a glimpse into my cozy world.  As you can see, most of my holiday items are older, well-loved and cherished.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I don’t think I will be posting again until after the holidays.  I may try to sneak in with a few aftermath pictures.

I would like to thank you all for visiting my blog all year long, hopefully enjoying what you see and perhaps drawing a bit of inspiration.  I am looking forward to 2020 and all the new and exciting adventures that await me.

Be well, my friends, and enjoy your holidays, no matter what road you travel.

Regards to all,


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Am I Finally Done???

Happy Saturday all,

Yikes!! It’s already December 7th and the holidays are approaching with supersonic speed.  Where is the time going?  Why isn’t my ‘to do’ list getting any smaller?  Why am I still feeling as if I have forgotten something really important?  Why haven’t all my online orders arrived yet?  Where’s my “Magic 8 Ball” when you need it?  I need answers!  I can not understand why FedEx, UPS, USPO can’t work 24/7 to deliver my packages to me. It’s 4:09 am and I could use a good delivery of goods right about now.

One thing I can cross off my list is my holiday cards, all done, addressed and mailed out this past Monday.  I am moving on to last minute gifts and planning my Christmas Eve menu.  However, I still have not decorated my home yet.  Perhaps tomorrow if all goes as planned.

First, I will finish up sharing my holiday cards with you.

A few gift card holders.





This card is my personal holiday card for 2019.  I made about 50 cards in total.

I also made up an additional batch of cards for the gals on my cardmaking group.

And finally, a special order for an ‘adult’ Harry Potter holiday card.

So we’re up to date on all my 2019 holiday cards.  I do have a couple of other projects I am working on, specifically ornaments and classroom gifts which I should be posting by next week.

What’s in the works for 2020? 

First, New Years Eve, I will be posting a grand total for the cards I made this year, including some of my favorites.  All I will say is I’m flabbergasted at the numbers!!!

In 2020 I thought I would take a few side trips from my usual way of posting.

I’m already planning on sharing with you a few posts on how I operate, my crafting studio, my favorite gizmos and gadgets, and how I made cards, to name a few.  I’m hoping it will be a fun year for all of us, full of new things, new ideas and maybe a give-a-way???

Antiques in My Craft studio (or really old stuff).

My Favorite Crafting Tools    

Hot Press Glimmer Foiling

A Card – Start to Finish

Be sure to follow me here on my blog (click the follow button) as well as on Instagram @abitofmelac

See you all soon,



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The Holiday Parade of Cards Continues…..

Good Morning Friends,

I hope all is well in your corner of the world.  Here in Boston, we are flipflopping between frigid, wet and sometimes snowy weather to a beautiful 55 degree, bright sunny day.  No wonder everyone is getting colds – we never know how to appropriately dress. Typical of New England!

So I am continuing on with my parade of holiday cards.  Just when I thought I was finished with making holiday cards, I realized I had NO cards for my personal use.  So back to the drawing board where I made an additional 92 cards.  Most were mass-produced, 2 per design, 1 for me, 1 for my cardmaking group and 2 extra for sale if needed.  For my personal use, I used the same design but in different colors.  For my cardmaking group, I made 30+ cards all with a different design.  It took me about a week to complete all 92 cards but now I’m ready to go.  I might add that all my cards are written, addressed, sealed and stamped, ready for the mailbox.  I know from previous years how hectic December can become so my motto now is:  BE PREPARED!!!

All my inspiration came from various sources including the Internet, Pinterest, videos and Instagram so thanks to all for making my life easier.

I thought it would be fun to show you the original inspiration card as well as my version.  You can decide on how close I came.  Of course, some cards I used substitute graphics, die cuts, sentiments, etc. but all are pretty close to the original design card.

#1                Sample                                                         Mine



For this card I actually have the same swirl die.  How convenient!       






Okay, this post is getting way too long so I will be back in a few days with more cards to share with you.

Hey, have a G-R-E-A-T day.







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Holiday Gift Ideas

Hello friends,

It’s been a while since my last post but I’ve been crazy busy trying to finish up my holiday cards.  I’ve been so busy filling orders that I completely forgot about my personal cards not to mention gift shopping.  I’m just finishing up an additional 80 cards.  I haven’t got a total yet but I’m sure it will be way over 250 cards for this year.

I still have lots to share with you.  Today I’m showcasing some holiday gifts that I made for sale to co-workers at my daughter Carly’s office at Mass. General Hospital, Pediatric Residency Department.  I also would like to thank all that have purchased my cards.  Your interest is greatly appreciated.

So onto some gift ideas.

I’ve made luminaries in the past and really enjoyed making and giving them as little gifts.  This time, I did purchase a specific die to cut the panels which made the process so much easier.  These are easy to make on their own but having the dies makes it quicker.  These luminaries are gift wrapped in a clear box tied with a ribbon, battery operated tea light, and a tag.

I  made up some note card gift sets which include 5 handmade note cards with various sentiments.  These are also gift wrapped in a clear box with ribbon and a tag.  Each set contains one design with 5 different sentiments.

Lots of Secret Santa swaps take place for the holidays and I was asked to include some cards for this.  Along with the cards, I also made some Secret Santa gift tags.

**Just a note to my MGH peeps… with the holiday rush quickly approaching, I’m not sure if I will have time to make more cards and gift ideas or take special orders.  I will do my best to fulfill any requests but I just wanted to give you a heads up!

Thanks and see you again soon with more to share.







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