Good Morning Friends,

So here in Boston the spring weather has been a bit fickled.  One day it’s 98 degrees, the next it’s 54 degrees.  My poor garden doesn’t know what to do.  My Wisteria tree did better this year but still not its usual, glorious, knockout spectacle.   Usually the flowers blossom first and then the leaves.  This year, because of the crazy hot/cool weather, the blossoms were reluctant to fully bloom but the leaves continued to do their thing.  Hence, a tree with both blooms and greenery.  It still looks beautiful.  My Lilacs and Peonies bloom and passed and now the Iris are ready to explode with their deepest, darkest purple color.  I’ll take more pics this week if the weather cooperates.  I’m seeing lots of purples in my garden. Do I have some sort of theme going on???

This past Saturday I attended my daughter Carly’s graduation ceremony from Suffolk University, Sawyer School of Business.  She received her  dual masters, MBA/MSA.  We dined out after with a delicious celebratory meal.

Other than that, there isn’t much more happening here except that tomorrow is my birthday but I don’t go there anymore LOL.  I’m trying to forget.

See you all next week with hopefully, a more interesting post.


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Just in Time….

Hi friends,

This week I started and finished my second elephant baby quilt just in time before our mini heat wave hits here in Boston.  AND, I finally got the a/c installed.  Why do it ahead of time when you can wait for the last minute.

This second elephant quilt is the same as the first that I showed you last week, only pink as the different accent color.  This second quilt went faster than the first. Guess if I need to make another, it will go even faster.

Here are both quilt sets ready to present.

Last month, my friend Fran, sent me this adorable stamp set, HANDLE WITH CARE, which includes all the symbols for fabric care.

I chose the symbols for machine wash and machine dry and stamped them on the back of my business card which I included with the quilts.  Thanks, Fran, this worked out great!

I haven’t done much else this week.  Since the weather is cooperating, I’ve been busy outside tending to my garden and planting some flowers.  My Wisteria tree should be in full bloom by this weekend.  I’ll take some pics and post next week.  I also dragged out the pool and water table for Demi so she’s been having a ball playing in the water.  Nice to get outside after the long winter.

See you all back here next week.


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Hello friends,

Okay, what’s going on???  Babies galore.  In one week, I’ve had 2 orders for new baby girl quilts.  And, the same theme, ELEPHANTS.  And the same base color, grey.  One with yellow, the second with pink.  I have done several baby quilts now with grey as the base color. I believe we have a trend going on here.   QUESTION FOR YOU ALL:  IS IT GRAY OR GREY????  Which to you mostly use?

So this week, I’ve finished up the first of the elephant quilts, for little Evangeline born 2 weeks ago. Grey was the theme and I added yellow as the secondary color.  I also made a matching pillow. For baby girl quilts I like to added a ruffle. Simple hand tied knots finish it up.

Here are my fabric choices for the 2nd elephant quilt in pink.

In the midsts of sewing, I stopped to make a CASE graduation card for an order.

 YOURS                                                              MINE



That’s all for this week.  Hoping the weather will warm up so I can get outside and do some planting.  Still haven’t made a decision on the awnings for my front yard but now I’m looking into solar shades for the porch instead.  Hopefully, I’ll find something I like and can afford!!

Until next week,



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Good Morning,

I’m a day late this week.  Excuse:   I wanted to take some pics for you but my phone was hungry and needed to be charged. By the time I remembered, it was too dark for pics so here we go today.

Up first, pics of my topic this week – FAILURE (at least for the moment).  Remember the pic of the Cherry Blossom embroidered piece I showed you a few weeks ago? An ambitious project to say the least.

I finally finished up embroidering all the branches.  Not too bad although I think the brown is a bit dark but thought most of the branches would be covered by flowers so I went with it.I then started with the flowers and quickly found that what was in my head was not translating to the piece. I was not able to find DMC Perle Cotton in the 5 shades of pink so I had to go with regular DMC embroidery floss.  I tried all 6 strands – too thick and hard to embroider on this particular fabric.  I then went down to 3 strands which stitched better but didn’t cover as much territory as I had  wanted which meant I would have to stitch more flowers. I tried the Lazy Daisy stitch which did resemble the sample photo. I also tried some French Knots which were pretty didn’t resemble the sample at all.  After many tries with different amounts of floss strands, different needles, different stitches, I concluded that this AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!!!  The Lazy Daisy flowers took longer to embroider which means, with all the flowers I would have to embroidery, it might take me at least 1 year to stitch all the flowers to fill in the branches.  So what to do????  I have put the piece in my UFO file and will wait until I come up with a better idea.  I took a better look at the sample pic and thought that perhaps the flowers were done using silk ribbon.  I do have lots of silk ribbon for embroidery but not 5 shades of pinks and do not want to invest in purchasing lots and lots of pink silk ribbon at this time.  So I’ll wait until I can come up with something more to my liking.

So what to do now?  Move onto a new project, a baby quilt.  Finally, after months of waiting, babies are being born. First to arrive is a baby girl so this is the quilt I will be making, inspiration from the Internet.  I don’t have a pattern but it’s pretty straight forward.

                                    Mom’s color choice- GREY.  I like the looks of this little quilt so I’ve taken the liberty of adding the yellow.  Here are my fabric choices.

Here’s is what I’ve accomplished so far.

One last pic. I received some flower bulbs and seeds from my friend, Winnie, from the Netherlands.  I eagerly planted the seeds and bulbs and patiently awaited signs of growth. The bulbs probably won’t produce until next year but the seeds should sprout quickly and they did.  Happy Day! until, when I checked on them, this is what I found. Notice the impression on the left.  That’s where a dang squirrel decided to hop up onto the pot and dig through the dirt looking for his nut stash!  In doing so, he disrupted the tiny seedlings. Thanks Mr. Squirrel #@*&%$  I gently coaxed them back into the dirt but I’m not hopeful that they will rejuvenate themselves back into existence.  Wouldn’t mind but I do feed the birds (and the thieving squirrels) regularly so please keep out of my flowers.  Check out the grape Hyacinths and the Daffodils – such beautiful colors and  abundant show this spring.

Another week with surprising adventures. Be sure to check back next week for updates. And also be sure to check me out on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/linda42c/



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Hi Peeps,

It’s been a lay-low week here as I slowly recover from my spring cleaning.  Geez, each year it takes me longer and longer to complete this inevitable task accompanied with more aftershock aches and pains. I NEED A MAID!  I can say that I’m 99% done as of today. The only chores left are steam cleaning the carpeting (3 floors…ugh) and the kitchen floor. The weather here in Boston has been almost non-stop rain and cool temps so I’m just waiting for some nicer, warmer days to do the carpets.  Then I will move my attention to outside, my garden and finishing up any lingering items on my bucket list from last year’s yard re-do.  My lawn looks great and why shouldn’t it!  I had artificial grass installed last year and now I still have the greenest, most pristine lawn in the neighborhood. I’ve been debating whether to go with retractable awnings, gazebo or something else to shield my front yarn from the intense, hot sun during the summer.  As of yet, no decision has been made except for the decision made by my empty wallet LOL. These things are so expensive. I may go with a cheap beach umbrella and forget about the entire project as I’m frustrated at the prices.  And, of course, all these products are DIY assembly.  No pricing includes delivery and installation.  Or maybe I’ll just put the A/C’s on and stay inside the entire summer???

I’ve started back up on my Cherry Blossom embroidery piece, still working on the stems. Hoping that I can complete this phase soon and move onto the flowers. I still have not decided which stitch I will do for the blossoms.  I guess it would be best to do up some samples and ask you all which you like better.  I’ll try to get to that this week.

Thanks to all who commented on my last week’s post of the scrapbook albums. I appreciate your comments and feedback.

I mentioned previously that I’m participating in an “ALPHABET” swap for one of my card groups.  This time the letter “D”.  As you may recall, I’m following the theme “A, My Name Is Alice” child’s game.  Here is my “D” card sent to my partner.

I embroidered the Dandelion, fussy cut and mounted it to the card front.

I’ll close this week with a few more pics of recently made holiday cards, all CASE cards from the Internet.

YOURS                                                             MINE




Thanks for stopping by and be sure to come back next week.


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A Very Special Little Boy

Good Morning,

As promised, today I will be sharing some pics from the 2 scrapbooks I recently made. This 2 album set is special because the star of these scrapbook pages is a sweet little boy named William.  William’s short life touched so many people and although I never met William, I was also touched by his beautiful smile, his happy and cheery little face and his unwavering ability to completely capture everyone’s heart.

In total, there are 40 pages, some of which I will share with you now.  I had 34 pictures to work with and added other pages for notes, memories and letters.  I have used various dies, Scan N Cut, MS Word, quotes from Internet, ribbons, pearls, pearlized envelopes, hand punches, string, and various embellishments.  I also used 2 teddy bear die cuts that I received from Candace in a past card making swap.  Page 22 is a scent page that includes a piece of wool felt inside a clear acetate envelope that can be sprinkled with William’s favorite bath time scent.

PAGE 1 – Quote from the Internet printed on parchment paper.PAGE 2 – William’s first picture.PAGE 3 – William’s stats.PAGE 4 – William and his favorite Auntie, Resa.PAGE 5 – Notes from Auntie Resa enclosed in pearlized envelope.PAGE 6 – William’s sweet dreams.PAGE 7 – William with his Mom and brother, Andrew.PAGE 8 – William’s Christening with family.PAGE 9 – More sleepy time.

PAGE 10 – Envelope page for journaling.PAGE 11 – What a beautiful smile!PAGE 12 – And more beautiful smiles….PAGE 13 – And more beautiful smiles.PAGE 15 – William, Mom and brother, Andrew.PAGE 16 – Butterfly kisses from Mom.PAGE 18 – Play time for William.PAGE 19 – More journaling.PAGE 20 – William just being cute.PAGE 21 – Splish-splash, taking a bath.PAGE 22 – Scent envelope.PAGE 23 – William’s teeny, tiny feet.PAGE 24 – William all dressed up with his neckties.PAGE 25PAGE 26PAGE 27PAGE 28PAGE 29PAGE 30 – (Hashtag) #WILLIAMPAGE 31 – William playing around…such a wise guy!PAGE 32PAGE 33 – Quote from Internet.PAGE 34 – William, the Angel.

The albums were presented to Mom and she is thrilled to have such a wonderful keepsake. It was truly an honor for me to have made this album.  I, too, have been forever touched by beautiful “Sweet William”.

Thanks for visiting my blog this week.  I hope that you all enjoyed meeting William, a truly remarkable little boy.


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Cherry Blossom update and holiday cards

Good Morning,

This week as been semi-productive.  I started my spring cleaning but it’s slow going.  No need to bore you with pics.  We finally are having some seasonal weather so I spent much of my time outside cleaning up my garden.  Things are beginning to sprout and my Crocus have finally bloomed, a sure sign of more to come!  I also sowed some flower seeds from last years bounty, sort of in a haphazard approach so we’ll see what happens.  I’m usually much more organized about what I plant and where but this time, I’ve thrown caution to the wind, literally.

I have started my Cherry Blossom embroidery piece.  I’m making progress but slowly. I am embroidering the branches first in a long & short stitch which seems to take forever. I still have quite a way to go but I haven’t received my new pink embroidery thread yet so I’m in no hurry.

Here is a pic of what’s been accomplished so far.

This is a long piece so it will take time to complete all the branches.

Here you can see where I began at branch #1.  Quite a few missing spaces but as you will notice by #4, I’ve improved.  I’ll go back and fill in the empty spaces. I’m not too worried about this since there will be lots of blossoms covering the branches.

I’m still undecided as to which stitch I will use for the actual flowers, Lazy Daisy stitch or French Knots.  I’m going to see if I can put up a poll for next week and get your vote as to which stitch you like better.  Not promising this will actually happen since I’m not very sure of how to include a poll here in my post.

I think that next week I will finally be able to share my baby William’s scrapbook albums.

In the meantime, I’ll share a couple  more holiday cards that I recently made up. Thanks to the original designers for their inspiration.

YOURS                                                MINE



Be sure to check in next week to see my embroidery progress and if I was successful in putting up a poll.  Gotta love all this hi-tech stuff!!!



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