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Good afternoon gals (and guys),

Welcome to 3 new followers.  Happy to have you here.

Well, what have I done this week….hmmmmmm let me see.

I finished up another Hardanger trinket box and pin cushion.  This one is called “Pansy”. I wasn’t sure about the colors but I followed the instructions and now I really like it.  I added some seed beads to the flower centers and a thread bow.  This is a larger box, measuring about 5″ x 6.5″.  lac-pansy-2-2017-aThis is what the inside looks like.  I cushion it with a lining of felt.lac-pansy-2-2017-b

Next are Valentine’s Day gifts for my granddaughter to bring to pre-school.  I got the idea from Pinterest and just changed it up a bit to fit my needs.  Each bag has a treat size bag of gold fish.  They came out cute, didn’t they.

 FROM PINTEREST                                                         MINE

137-e6e8413f0b37227ebbbdfd4de9644b91          137-17-lac-val-demi-a                                                                              137-17-lac-val-demi-b

Also this week, I took a challenge from my card making group.  This month the theme was geometric.

Here is the pattern I used. It actually is a pattern for string art but it converted to embroidery on paper very nicely.


And here is the card I made from the pattern. I used bright variegated thread to embroider the spiral and printed out an optical illusion background.138-17-lac-geo-chlg-2-2017

I also found on Pinterest (thanks Sue Madex) this cute name card and thought it would be great for all the birthday cards that I needed to make for 2017.  In all, I made up 31 of these name cards. I used my Scan N Cut to die cut the message names.  Once I set it up, all I needed to do was change the name for each card.  Easy peasy.


These are only some of my cards, way too many to show.

136-17-lac-name-cards-a136-17-name-cards-cI’ll end with one more birthday card, an inlaid version of a ballerina I found on Pinterest.


This is my version.  I made a black and white copy, scanned it into my computer, converted to a cut file and used my SNC.  It cut perfectly. I added some teeny, tiny gold waste dots to create an interesting background and also applied a gold border.125-17-lac-annabelle

I think that’s about it for this week.  Oh, one more thing.  My granddaughters gave me a heart filled with candy for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a pic of the front of the heart box.img_3557

And this is the back of the box.  What’s wrong with this????  Who on earth would give a box of candy with this message to a 3 year old child LOL LOL LOL.  Gotta love the marketing industry!img_3558

See you all again next week.





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The Letter “C” , CASE and more Hardanger

Happy Thursday All,

This week has been somewhat productive.  I managed to crank out a few of projects to share with you.

Continuing on with my Alphabet Swap cards, this week’s feature is the “Letter C”. After placing a complete graphic down first, I cut each crayon apart from a second graphic and mounted at different depths using foam tape.lac-c-alphabet-swap-17

Next is another commissioned card, this time for a 3 year old birthday boy. My client showed me a pic of a card she liked and I CASED it. I used my SNC for the train, number and sun, a die for the cloud and punches for the wheels. I first printed the sentiment including the name on white stock, trimmed and mounted it to the front of a 5 x 7 card base.  The rest was easy peasy.

YOURS                                                                      MINE   123-17-image002    123-17-lac-train-teresa-2-2017

Lastly, I completed two more Hardanger projects.

I love the deep royal blue color.  This trinket box measures  5 x 7 and includes a matching pin cushion, using PVC piping as the base.  Some thin ribbon woven in and 2 rows of pulled threads ending with a small fringe.lac-outlined-overlap-squares-1-2017

And this red flower box, measuring 6 x 8 , is for an order.  My client liked the same one I showed a few weeks ago but needed it to be on a larger box.  I added 4 heart buttons at the corners.lac-flowers-for-winnie-2-2017

A bit of snow this week with more coming so I’ll be inside, keeping warm and stitching!! Thanks for stopping by.  And don’t forget to leave a comment.  I love hearing from you all.

Until next week,




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The Letter “B”, Hardanger and My Most Favorite Crafting Item

Good afternoon all,

This week I have just a few things to share with you.

First, I have finished up all my cards for the alphabet swap on my card making group.  I will share one letter card per week.   So this week, it’s the letter B. You can read about the swap in last week’s post (January 19th). lac-b-alphabet-swap-17

Next is another Hardanger piece I finished up this week, into a trinket box and pin cushion.  Love the lavender and yellow.lac-tulip-square-1-2017

I’ll finish up with a little peek into my work space.  I always enjoy seeing pics of other people’s workspace.  Some are small areas and others are entire dream rooms.  I also like to see how people store their supplies, always on the hunt for a more efficient way to get to the things I need often.  I share my workspace with my dining room.  However, with that said, I do think as time goes on, the dining part is being over run by the crafting part.  As each week goes by, a little less dining room and a lot more crafting studio.  I’m still not ready to give up my dining room entirely, just in case, someday…….

The pic I share this week is of one of my most valued item.  I’m not sure what you call it but I got it at a yard sale years ago for $10.  It is a wooden unit with glass, 2-tiered and divided. It was used for bank tellers to store their deposit slips, etc., back when they hand wrote the entries as your receipt.  It has been on my work desk ever since and, as you can see, holds a lot of important stuff.  All my hand working tools, scissors, tweezers, knives, brushes, bone folder, scoring tools, etc.

img_3510Here is a wider view including my black  twirly thing with clips, pens, pencils, etc., and a small container to hold my glues.  You can’t see it but next to the glues are my tapes.  You can also see, on the desk top, is a Olfa cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter (my second most favorite thing).  I have several paper trimmers but ALWAYS use my rotary cutter to cut and trim paper.  I’d be lost without it.


As you can tell by the yellowish pics, I definitely need better lighting.  My desk is positioned in front on a window so I get to look outside, daydream and think up ideas!

That’s about it for this week.  How do you work?  Are you lucky enough to have an entire work studio?  Or are you a closet crafter?







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Reminicing and Card Making

Happy Thursday morning,

Wow, what a busy and creative week I’ve had.  It all started with joining in on a swap on one of my card making groups.  It’s called the ‘Alphabet Swap’.  The swap goes through the entire alphabet, one letter per month.  You make a card and swap it with an assigned partner.  Sounds great, huh?  Well, I just couldn’t leave well enough alone, you know me. Just making a card relating to the particular letter for that month seemed so ordinary so I’m setting myself up with a further challenge to the easy swap.  I’ve decided to make all my alphabet cards connected with a common theme.  As I thought about it, the very first idea that came to mind was an old childhood game I use to play called “A, MY NAME IS ALICE”.   I played this game using a Spaulding pink bouncy ball and I think, back then, it probably cost around 25 cents.


I  played this game for hours with my childhood friend, Dorothy, always trying to come up with new names, places and things to sell.  How much fun did we have!!! So this is the theme for my alphabet cards.  What a blast from my past trying to remember my choices from so very long ago, then trying to design a card using those choices.

So here is my first card, A is for apple. For this card, I chose a cute apple to embroider. It will be going out in the mail today to my swap partner, Debbie D.  I hope she likes it.lac-a-alphabet-swap-17More cards will follow as the weeks go by.

Up next for this week is a special order card.  My client showed me a card she liked and wondered if I could do something like it for her.  Of course I can, I love a challenge.  I printed out the graphic and hand cut, adding dimensional foam to add depth. A few hearts, 2 balloons and some twine complete this card. I also punched out a heart and lined it with red on the flap of the envelope.

YOURS                                                                             MINE

il_570xn-906150239_5cap-copy             lac-otter-valentine-sp-order-1-2017Between all the card making, I’m still continuing on with my Hardanger journey.  I’ll have more new projects to show next week.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to leave a comment.  I love hearing from you.



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My Hardanger Journey – update

Hi All,

Hope you are all enjoying the new year and are energized with new creativity and excitement.

I’m continuing along with my Hardanger journey, stitching up some new designs and finishing off some designs I did over the last couple of months.

Here are the finished sets, including a trinket box using the actual Hardanger piece along with a matching pin cushion.  Some of these sets are earmarked as future gifts. However, if you are interesting in purchasing a set from me, contact me privately using the form below and we can talk. 

Outlined Star motif in black and silver.lac-outlined-star-motif-black-silver-2017Flower motif in red.lac-flower-motif-red-2017Cornered Square motif in rust.lac-cornered-square-motif-rust-2017Squared Motif in yellow and green.lac-squared-motif-yellow-green-2017Anchor motif in blue and green.lac-anchor-motif-blue-2017Dove’s Eye in red.lac-doves-eye-red-2017Spider’s Web motif in pink.lac-spiders-web-coral-2017Four Sided stitch in blue.lac-4-sided-stitch-blue-green-2017Butterfly motif in purple.  This set was actually sent to my friend, Winnie who lives in The Netherlands, for her birthday.lac-butterfly-purple-2017And, as promised, here are some more of my  cards for Valentine’s Day.

These next 5 cards are parchment. I tried parchment several years ago and wasn’t very good at it. And, again, I’m still not very good at it LOL.  Simple designs were easy enough but I still shy away from any intricate designs.  I’m happy with them so off they’ll go to my Valentines this year.


Lastly, simple heart flowers using foil heart pre-made stickers.115-17-lac-valentine

There you have it. So far, 2017 has been quite productive for me.  Let’s see if I can keep up my enthusiasm.


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Happy 2017 – Off To A Good Start

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that 2017 will prove to a great year for all of us.  Boy, I, for one, am glad to be rid of 2016 and look forward to a more positive 2017.

I didn’t post last week because, frankly, I had nothing.  Recuperating from the holidays took all my energy but I’m back now and have made great strides within the first few days of the new year.  I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because I only setting myself up for failure.  I’m terrible at keeping resolutions.  Actually, I haven’t even thought about what I would like to accomplish this year.  I figure I’ll go with the flow.  I will continue learning Hardanger, try some Blackwork and maybe some more Silk Ribbon Embroidery.

I have been busy making Valentine cards. I know it’s early, but I like to be way ahead so I’m not under pressure to get things done.

This first batch of cards were made for Card Care Connection, a non-profit organization, where I have been donating cards. Here’s the link if you are so inclined to do the same .  Be sure to read the rules.

I pulled some graphics from various sources, cut out and used foam dots.  I also embossed the backgrounds for added texture.  A few other embellishments to complete each card.  Super easy.  You can tell I like the old vintage style cards with really cute and sometimes corny pics and phrases.  Those were the days!111-17-lac-valentine-ccc1111-17-lac-valentine-ccc2111-17-lac-valentine-ccc3

I also made up two special cards for my two youngest grand-babies. They’re 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 years old and both into Paw Patrol.  Again, pulled the graphics from the internet .  I first printed the card base and then a 2nd graphic which I used to cut and attach with foam dots.

For Dommy.118-17-lav-valentine-dommyFor Demi.119-17-valentine-demi

I did make up more Valentine cards but will save them for next week.

For my card making group, we have a  challenge for January to make a masculine card. For me, these are the hardest cards to come up with a manly theme so I turned to Pinterest for inspiration.

                              YOURS                                                                  MINE

110-72edb2e5f3af5a8a21b7c5b518820176    110-17-lac-male-chlg-peandpc-1-2017

Lastly, an embroidery on paper card that I made this past week.  On my card making group we have 2 more events this month. (1) Celtic pattern challenge and (2) Border swap. I was smart enough to incorporate both these themes into one card which will be my swap card that I will be sending to my partner.

I used 2 different patterns, one for the border and another for the central motif which I elongated to fit into the space.  I used gold metallic thread, dark green stock along with some gold for the frame.  The center motif I cut using an oval die and added gold foil border stickers.  Not too tough but it sure took lots of time to stitch. Hoping my partner, Brenda, will like it.122-17-lac-celtic-pepc-1-2017

Well, there you have it.  Not a bad start to the new year.  What are you doing for the new year?


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Last Minute projects

Happy Holidays,

Ok, so what happened to the last 5o weeks of this year?  Why is it that we know the holidays come every December yet we procrastinate right up to the very last moment?  I’m always way ahead and I did get all my shopping, wrapping and mailing done early. However, this week before Christmas is always a mad dash no matter how much you plan and how much you get done ahead of time.  Guess this is what makes the holidays such a ‘fun’ time!!!

This week I made a hat for my granddaughter, Demi.  She needed a hat to cover her ears, not to be found in any stores, so I made her one myself.  Nothing special but certainly functional. She’s not sure about this thing on her head and the tie around her chin but she has been agreeable to wear it.  She’s more interested in the mittens.  I bought some suspender clips, crocheted a long cord, attached the clips and ran the entire thing through the sleeves of her jacket.  Remember that?  When I was a kid, my Mom always had my mittens on a cord so I wouldn’t lose them.  Old things are new again.

Miss Demi modeling her new hat.lac-hat-1-2-16And the mittens with the clips.lac-mitten-clip-12-2016

So I needed a gift and wanted to give chocolates.  I’ve been lucky enough in the past to spoiled with boxes of See’s Candies that my cousin Diana sends to me from San Francisco. And, since a family friend was coming from SF to Boston for the holidays, I asked if she would pick me up some candy.  A 2 lb. box of assorted See’s chocolates, a chocolate-lovers delight.  Of course, after getting the candy from my friend, I found out that See’s Candies has a store not too far from me and that I could have purchased them myself.  Who knew!lac-for-anson-2016

Next, I wanted to share 2 pics of a little Christmas tree I made probably some 30 years ago. The glass dome broke long time ago but the tree has still survived. It also had a little music box but that, too, didn’t last.  I made this way back when all crafting was done by hand, no tools, no machines, nothing pre-made.  I actually beaded each branch separately and then built up the tree.  I did manage to find some miniatures to use a decorations. However, the craziest tree decorations are 3 pencils, yes I said pencils.  Look at the size of these, they once were full size pencils but were sharpened down to stubs, still being used as pencils. One is from my Mom, the white one. The others were actual pencils used by my son for school work. How frugal!!

Holiday tree.lac-tree-2Is this even possible?img_3408Here’s the original instruction booklet I got years ago.  It was printed in 1987.lac-tree-booklet

Lastly, I have some pics to share of a project that I didn’t make myself.  I did help a bit along the way but Mr. D, himself, actually made this.  He was asked if he could make a cribbage board, not too hard you would think.  Also, it had to be in the shape of  a dinosaur.  Okay, that could be done.  Well, one could never have imagined that this would be so complicated.  Just the planning and drawing stages were enough to drive you crazy. It took forever to get things perfectly aligned with all those tiny holes and such.  And the shape of the dinosaur didn’t lend itself to easily doing the math.  Odd shape and lots of curves made it difficult, but not impossible.  Again, this little row boat turned into the “Queen Mary”.  Remember the paper press Mr. D made for me back in March? That turned into a huge project just as this cribbage has done. But perseverance paid off and the dinosaur cribbage board was conquered.  My contribution was adding the small gold stickers to denote the spacing, etc.  It took a lot of brainstorming but I thought the sticker waste dots and thin border strips  normally used in card making would work and they did. A couple of coats of sealer and they’re permanently attached to the board.

Dinosaur cribbage board set.  To complete the cribbage board, dinosaur playing cards and fancy pegs were added.lac-cribbage-board-1-12-2016Closeup of stickers.lac-cribbage-board-closeup-12-2016And here’s the card to match.lac-dino-xmas-kelly-2016

So ask if another would ever be made——-probably not. This will be a ‘one-of-a-kind’ gift.

There you have it, how I’m spending my last few days before Christmas. Oh, and not to mention that I am in the process of making pizzas, some for us, some as gifts.  And, of course, all the cooking for Christmas eve and Christmas day.  I’ll try to remember to take some pics but food is big here and doesn’t usually wait around for a picture!

I wish everyone a ver happy holiday, no matter how you celebrate.  All is good and all is beautiful so do your thing and enjoy.

Until next week (if I survive)


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